This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

Have you ever came across the biggest problem that this generation faces in the computers nowadays – This copy of windows is not genuine Error Fix. Well, this problem is almost ignored by everyone else as you but there are certain consequences of not using genuine windows.

While fixing this error is very easy, we advise you to always buy and install original windows only. While windows may be expensive, but it is not expensive as it sounds, also the original copy of the windows helps in keeping your windows files and software updated. Another thing to keep in mind is that never buy cracked windows from third party suppliers, they can do more harm to your PC than good.

Always remember that non-updated copy of windows is more vulnerable to be cracked. Hackers constantly start cracking newer versions of windows to find flaws in them and to use them for free. If you’ve bought the OS from a third party developer, there may be a strong chance that he might be able to watch everything that you are doing on your computer.

Here are the steps if you are irritated of that message displaying “This Copy of windows is not genuine”. Keep in mind that this procedure will not convert you existing windows into a genuine one, but only will help to eliminate the message that displays “this copy of windows is not genuine”–

How to Fix This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Error Build 7601

 1. Uninstall windows update KB971033 –

You get that irritating message “this copy of windows is not genuine” displayed on screen because you installed certain updates that are able to detect the originality of the windows that you installed. So all you need to do is that you have to uninstall certain updates that you recently installed to get over this problem. If you are able to see the latest update installed, then you must uninstall it otherwise, skip this step.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Open windows update column
  3. Select – installed updates
  4. After all the updates have loaded, search for ‘KB971033’ and uninstall it.
  5. Restart your computer after you’ve finished uninstalling the update.

2. Use SLMGR – REARM Command –

This method uses the command prompt to fix this error. The command prompt is available in the start menu as ‘Run’ or you can search for command prompt itself.

  1. Go to start menu.
  2. Select RUN or type CMD in the search bar.
  3. Right click on command prompt and select – Run as Administrator otherwise this step may not work at all.
  4. Type SLMGR – REARM in the command prompt area. REARM is a command which resets the license that came with your copy of windows.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. After which a window will open.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If this step doesn’t work, you can try SLMGR / REARM.
  9. Don’t forget to restart your PC after all the steps have been completed.

There are certain errors that may arise in between the process –

Error 1 –  Error such as “slmgr is not recognized as an internal or external command”.

Error 2 –  Error such as “Error 0xc004d307”. This signifies that the maximum allowed no. of rearms has been exceeded” after you’ve entered the command.

3. Turn of Automatic Updates

In case you are not using the original OS, which you probably are not using that’s why you are here, you need to turn Off the automatic updates that automatically updates the windows as soon as an update arrives. The updates are there because of the certain flaws in the beta version of the windows, that’s why updates are applied regularly after a short period of time. If you don’t turn off the updates, there is a chance that they’ve fixed certain flaws and you windows might not work at all. So turn off the automatic updates to remain safe and easily use a duplicate copy of windows.

Here are the steps to follow –

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click on Windows Updates
  3. Select  “Never check for Updates ( Not recommended )”

If you get a blank screen or no audio after these steps, just restart the system once and it will automatically configure itself.

Following these steps, you’ll be able to eliminate the message “this copy of windows is not genuine” error permanently. But it is always advised to use original Windows only. This will help in regular updates and will keep hackers and crackers at bay.

How to tell if windows is genuine:

First Method:

1. Click Start and type Activate Windows in Search box

This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

2. Click on activate windows link and add your license key if you have to make it genuine

This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

2nd Method:

1. Go to Microsoft Official Website here to Validate, if you are not able to do with the first method

2. You must open the site in Internet Explorer to validate your windows 7, 8, or 10.

This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

3. Click on validate link on the website and follow the process as it asks.

Windows 7 Build 7601 Error Fix:

Here is the question posted on Microsoft answers about Build 7601 error.

I bought my laptop several years ago with Windows 7 already installed. Have never had a problem. A couple of weeks I got a virus and had a computer repair since then I keep getting BUILD 7601 THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE. I have done what it suggest to fix it but it doesn’t work. I can’t get any updates or use my printer. I get the message that I have no drivers. How can I fix this or should I take it back to the person who repaired it from the virus??? Thank You!

Now what you do to solve this problem is Install Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostics Tool and run it normal mode only. You can download the tool from here. If you are still not able to solve the problem then you can post us in comments or can post your queries here.

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