Stick with JavaScript!

JXcore extends Node.JS™ with additional features for developing mobile and embedded applications using JavaScript and leveraging the Node ecosystem.

Publish to Mobile Platforms

JXcore can run your Node application on popular mobile platforms.



WP (soon!)

Supports Multiple JavaScript Engines

JXcore is designed to be flexible. Currently you can either use SpiderMonkey or V8 engines. JXcore has an internal wrapper around the underlying JavaScript engine. This makes the multiple engine interface possible and reduces the problems around the JavaScript engine updates.

Application Packaging

JXcore can combine the whole Node project into a single application package or executable. This is a very useful feature when the file system on multiple targets are unknown. Since packaging also combines the Node modules, it saves time for the deployment. More importantly, JXcore can compile JavaScript sources into mobile application packages.

Looking for more?

JXcore documentation and tutorials are available from JXcore website.
JXcore is an open source project. You can fork it on Github