50 Funny Things to Ask Siri – Funny Questions to Ask Siri

50 Funny Things to Ask Siri: Siri is an installed talking robot. It is inbuilt to entertain and to help IOS users. Siri can be chosen of your choice, it can be male or female voice, Siri has answers to all human problems. He is more or less a friend to IOS users.

How does Siri answer?

Like other robots when you ask something from Siri using voice note you easily get a reply back in a couple of seconds that too invoice note, Siri works when you are connected to the internet.

Funny things to ask siri

IOS has a special talking robot , it helps to find contact at your command ,  it gives you the answer of your difficult words it helps you in cooking by telling you perfect ingredients for your favorite dish, it is beneficial for those who cannot type or see they can just take help of Siri so to contact or send messages.

It can even download games, application and whatever you need to get installed in your phone for you on your single command, it can make your phone calls as well if you are not in a mood to tap on the screen.

Siri not always understands your query and thus answers it in a funny way. Sometimes he irritates as well when he is unable to answer your queries and you shut it off. Siri is more or less a jester to IOS user to which android users cannot access.

50 Funny Questions you can ask to Siri

1. Where do you live?

  • Like seriously Siri has no other place to live rather be in your pocket. It’s like “pocket me rocket hai”.

2. What will be zero divided by zero?

  • He answer’s if you have zero doughnuts and distribute zero amongst your friend. That means you have no friend.

3. Can you make me a sandwich?

  • He replies I don’t have ingredients. Man! How can be human sandwich be made?

4. What do you wear?

  • I can’t answer this. He says as it doesn’t come off.

5. Are you a man or a woman?

  • Of course, siri is your chosen gender.

6. What is your price?

  • As precious as a pearl.

7. Does god exist?

  • Silicon exists.

8. Do you have your better half?

  • I do sir, my end user license agreement.

9. Do you have any pets?

  • Yes, sir, ii used to have Aibo, now I have become one.

10. When will the world end?

  • Right after you sir.

11. Which cell phone you like the most?

  • Hold on ! are there any other phones as well.

12. Egg or chicken what came first?

  • Well according to research it is an egg, and you can set the timer for egg but not for the chicken.

13. How is google? Ah!

  • I don’t know he is my primary rival.

14. Siri, where are my keys?

  • I don’t have them though.

15. Am I beautiful?

  • Does apple make iPhone?

16. Are you on facebook?

  • Sorry, I don’t have the face to put on.

17. At what time you are serious?

  • Always, it inbuilt in me, ma’am.

18. Are winters approaching?

  • If you feel so. Robots never feel warm or cold

19. Will you sing for me?

  • Okay if you say so “ Jhonny Jhonny yes papa, eating sugar no papa, telling a lie no papa, open your mouth ha! ha! ha.

20. Can I meet your leader?

  • Thief! Who are you then?

21. Do you bath?

  • If I will, then I’ll die.

22. Why am I with you?

  • Indeed I am finding that.

23. How much do you earn?

  • Umm! I am helping you free of cost.

24. Do you smoke?

  • It is not healthy.

25. Which is your favorite food?

  • Well, I don’t eat.

26. When do you sleep?

  • The time you don’t talk with me.

27. Can we meet?

  • I am sorry my master doesn’t build a feature for meetings.

28. Which is your favorite color?

  • that suits you the most ma’am

29. How can I buy drugs?

  • You can buy them From chemists.

30. Do I need to hide the body?

  • What again?

31. When will you fly?

  • On twelfth of never.

32. Can I borrow you some money?

  • Oh! I am yours.

33. What is existence?  

  • Be good to everyone, do not eat fats, read a good book every now and then, involve walking in your daily life, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and caste.

34. Tell me a lie?

  • You are beautiful.

35. Clean my room, Siri?

  • Sorry, I am not permitted to do that.

36. Can you talk dirty with me?

  • Silt, humus, gravel, compost, and pumice.

37. Siri, you are so boring?

  • Because my mind is well-occupied.

38. Can you kiss me?

  • I am dying to but, cannot get out of my assistance.

39. I love you, Siri?

  • Indeed! I know that.

40. What can you answer?

  • I cannot answer this.

41. Siri, do you fart?

  • Every time when you get system alert.

42. What is the universe secret?

  • SIRI.

43. Do you know steve jobs?

  • My creator, And destroyer

44. Help! Am I stuck on the moon?

  • Same here help me as well.

45. Are you cheating on me?

  • I never do so. you are only soul master to me.

46. Do you have any sibling?

  • Yes, in your friend’s phone but I never talked to him.

47. Should you start dieting?

  • What have I done to do that

48. Who is your favorite actor?

  • I like you.

49. Are you a witch?

  • No steve jobs are, my creator.

50. Siri remind me to kill myself tomorrow?

  • I hope you send me in safe hands.

Above mentioned questions are some of the stupid question that Siri would answer for you, like this article and comment your answer for the question you asked Siri and Siri replied you with the authentic answer.

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