10 Best Free Video Players for Android

It is no secret that the default video player on any mobile devices is not as much good as others on the app store are. One of the first things everyone does after buying a new android mobile or iPhone is to install a quality media player which allows us to watch videos conveniently. But again, who wants to land in a trouble of installing every media player to check which one is suitable? Sounds troublesome, right? The list here under includes some of the best video players for android. 

Video Players

1. MX Player

The name is obviously not new to many of you reading but there are a lot more features you probably do not know about this. The player supports pinch, zoom, swipe controls. MX Player allows you to download subtitles using data or selecting the file from within. Software and hardware decoding along with the various aspect ratios are on the main screen which makes it easier as there is no need to find them underneath. The screen lock feature makes sure that there is no disturbance while watching the video. If that’s not all, MX Player also has Network stream feature where you can insert the link to any stream and watch it on the MX Player conveniently. We can easily say that this is the best mp4 player for android. This video player runs all formats

2. PlayerXtreme

After gaining huge success in iOS devices, PlayerXtreme was introduced for Android and certainly didn’t upset the users. You can play any video on PlayerXtreme without converting it as it supports more than 40 formats. It supports almost all subtitles format such as CC, SRT, SMI, TXT and more. PlayerXtreme offers sharper sound with vibrant video quality without consuming much battery. One can also choose the suitable audio track along with A/V Syncing. PlayerXtreme comes with password feature which will make sure that no intruder can just hop inside your stuff. The app already has dozens of feature and many are more to come. 

3. VLC Player for Android

Many may know VLC as it is a popular Media Player for desktops but it is also a flexible media player for android which will play any video format no matter what it is. With 48 languages, VLC is considered one of the convenient media players all over. VLC can also play unfinished, damaged, incomplete files or even the files which are currently being downloaded. VLC has some filters which will allow you to distort, split, rotate, deinterlace, and mirror videos and also create display walls. VLC Media Player can generate various music visualization displays and also allows you to convert the video in the desirable format. It is mostly considered as Mp4 video player but we know it also runs most of the formats. It is also one of the best hd video players

4. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is famous for its Hardware and software decoding which can play many formats without any problem. It comes with the large variety of skins which lets you customize the interface as per your desire. BSPlayer lets you choose subtitles from within the device in formats like such as MKV or even find the appropriate subtitle for you online. What makes this different from others is that it includes a pop out feature with which you can watch videos in a window above your apps.

5. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player comes with plenty of features and supports hardware accelerated playback on many devices. Inside Archos Video Player, One can find the Subtitle downloader, Subtitle support, and the playback support. Archos has visually impressive library view and built-in poster arts which you can assign to videos to make the experience even more beautiful. The media library is well-managed, organized and as per the order which makes it handy to find any video.

6. Kodi

Formerly known as XBMC player, Kodi has a vast community and even best features. Kodi turns your device into portable media hub which can access locally stored content, network streams. Kodi Player has a number of skins such as Estuary, Confluence which will make your experience even more colorful. You can use your video files with metadata by adding video files to the video library. Kodi also contains Party mode and playlist where Music videos are stored. To make the experience easier, the library organizes the files into TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos which make the video navigation trouble-free. Videos can also be navigated through criteria like actors, directors, genre or year. The rich and powerful interface of Kodi makes it a must have.

7. gPlayer

gPlayer mainly focuses on windowed mode which allows the users to play the multiple videos simultaneously. gPlayer can display up to six videos at the same time. gPlayer supports a number of various formats and can stream video with the help of URLs through Wi-Fi.

8. QQPlayer

QQPlayer can, of course, play many formats but one thing which makes it different is that it also supports the 3D Videos. Yes, unlike others, QQPlayer can give you 3D Visualization which is one of the big features itself. Like VLC, QQPlayer was also a media player for PC and thus its UI is easily customizable. QQPlayer also shows the lyrics of the ongoing song, whichever it maybe.

9. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is accessible in over 230 countries and supports 36 languages, which is the reason for its vast popularity. The videos can be viewed in slow motion which starts from 0.1x speed and goes on. To make it easier, KMPlayer has a favorites folder where your favorite videos are stored. It also provides floating app experience as you can reduce the size and do other works while watching the video.

10.Full HD Video Player

Full HD Video Player is a free Multimedia player for the Android such as Video player and Music player. This contains both video and audio player. Now You can watch all popular video and audio formats on your phone or tablet with hardware acceleration for faster and smoother HD playback with unparalleled ease and comfort.

Well, this is our list of 10 free video player for android. This list is purely for Android users. If you think we have missed any media player which comes in top 10 lists, do share in the comment and don’t forget to share on social media.

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