10 Best uTorrent Alternatives 2017 to Download Torrents

Best uTorrent Alternatives 2017 to Download Torrents: Gathered from million of Bit Torrent users, uTorrent is probably the best choice for everyone. But as sooner they added tons of ads in their new program, users are seen laying it off for good. Here are the 10 best alternatives to uTorrent which are similar to compete with it, if they are not superior by any chance. These are the best BitTorrent sites we mentioned below. 

Best uTorrent Alternatives

Best uTorrent Alternatives of 2017

1. Vuze Download

This is probably the number 1 bit torrent client after uTorrent. While uTorrent wins in the department of speed and its compact size, Vuze definitely wins in the department of wide support and compatibility of a long list of devices.

It is the first program to feature DHT on its own network. These features give users the ability to perform many tasks simultaneously that is probably not possible with any of the other alternatives listed here. This program comes with the standard features like bandwidth control, notifications, remote control, plugins support, filters, file converter, media player and others more. It are also big in size, which can make most PCs lag especially the old ones.

The downsides of this program are its appearance and layout, and a large amount of adware that it spits out while installation. These advertisements are known to irritate users and forcing them to buy Vuze Plus. But keeping in mind the list of amazing features it provides otherwise, this is the hardest to beat program out there.

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2. Frostwire

This program is special because it lets you find cloud sources and Bit Torrent search engines very easily. From now on, you won’t have to search for torrents on google or other search engines, as you can find them in FrostWire itself. It comes fully loaded with all the features and you’ll not have to worry anymore about your downloads.

While FrostWire came out as more of a music player rather than a proper bit torrent client, it got transformed into one since 2011. While there are no toolbars or plugins included, you still have the possibility of the real player showing up during the installation.

With music being the definitive focus of the client, the audio downloads are being offered with iTunes plugin.

The negative things about this program are the appearance and layout. The layout is little scattered and is difficult to get used to. And, if you ever want to uninstall, there are piles of files that are left as junk behind.

If your downloads are mainly focussed on music, then this is good to go.

3. Bittorrent Download

This program came from the same company from which the uTorrent came. This is mostly similar to the uTorrent, thanks to the same developers. This is only a slight update and minor differences such as a change in logo or colors. It also has a pro version to remove ads and get some more features. This is best utorrent alternative for mac and android

The normal version of the app is free of course but the pro version doesn’t cost a bomb either, the pro version comes at a price of $20.

4. Transmission Bittorrent

This app being solely made for Mac and Linux users, a third party developed a copy of this tool is also available for windows. It was in reports earlier regarding the malware and viruses that it came with since it was made by a third party program developers and this program is tweaked to work on windows. Now, it works just fine. This is an open source client and now considered a good to go because of the absence of ads in it. It is compatible with many OS so it is definitely worth a try.

5. Tixati Download

This torrent client is free and a closed source software with a lot of settings for both the beginners and advanced users. This comes free from any malware or crappy ads. The interface is quite unique with information displayed in a very clean way.

One of the most special features of this app is the “Channels”. You can opt in for different channels that already have high seeds and peers to share files quickly. You can chat with your peers and stay up to date with statistics. All the basic features are also included.

6. Download Deluge Torrent

This bit torrent client shares the same source code as uTorrent, this specialty is what make it stand out from others. You’ll find it much more similar to an older version of uTorrent. Plugin support is wide and it also features encryption, peer exchange, UPnP and password Protection.

There are no ads and you’ll find this good to use for free of course.

7. qBitTorrent Download

This can be considered as one of the best open source software and a great alternative of uTorrent. It was created to replace uTorrent as well. This program doesn’t host ads and the interface is quite legit and simple.

8. Boxopus

This was originally designed to share the torrents to social media or your cloud. The torrents can easily be added to your dropbox account and there Is also an android app of this program available on the google app store.

9. Bitlord Download

This is one of the simplest of alternatives that are available for uTorrent. You can play various formats of files within the client itself. The features present are also very simple to implement and use. This is been around for many years now and the only downside is that it displays a lot of advertisements in overall.

10. Bittornado

This is one of the oldest and classic looking bit torrent clients out there. Its first version was released in September 2006. This offers features such as “traffic light” system for port forwarding and maximizing the efficiency using super seeding of the initial seeding.

Various third party independent ends and plugins are also available for the BitTornado client such as Torrent flux and ABC but they notably to be used at your own risk as there is a certain risk of malware and spyware in the apps and plugins created by unverified third party developers.

The interface is quite classic looking and is very simple to understand.

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