10 Best Free iPhone Ringtones Apps to Make your Own Ringtone

These free iPhone ringtones apps will only allow you to download or make your custom ringtones for iPhone in the app only. There a wide range of apps but we only figured out the most popular and most effective apps that would help you get your work done in no time. These free ringtone apps for iPhone have ads of course and some of very difficult to use interfaces.

Apple users are greatly discouraged by the way that they cannot even change the ringtone of their iPhone by themselves. iPhones are secured in such a way that users are not allowed to import anything externally in their iPhone. Well, you can now actually do that. You only need a PC and some downloadable apps on iPhone which would help you to create your own custom ringtone.

Free iPhone Ringtones Apps

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Note – You’ll still need a PC to get the work fully completed. You cannot solely use an iPhone to download and set a ringtone. You’ll need Free iTunes Ringtones to be installed PC which would help you to transfer the downloaded ringtone to your iPhone. Another thing is while these apps are free of charge, you will still need to purchase songs from iTunes to be able to make your own ringtone.

Use these Free iPhone Ringtones Apps to Make your Ringtone

1. Zedge Ringtones

This app will not let you create your own custom free ringtones. But, you can choose from the catalog of previously created ringtones that they have. This app contains free music ringtones that have certain sound effects, music clips, funny animal clips, comedy, etc. Also, all the ringtones for iPhone have reviews that appear directly next to them. So, you’ll know which one to choose and which one to leave.


2. Ringtones for iPhone

This app provides two different ways for you to add new ringtones to your iPhone. Firstly, you can import songs directly from your music library and trim them using the app. You can also choose any sound that you want as your ringtones, such as nature, a person’s voice or other non-rhythmic songs, by using the app’s recording feature to generate a ringtone. Secondly, if you want a ringtone quickly, you can choose a pre-made ringtone that is available in the app itself.


3. Ringtones Free

This app has certain features that are common to every app in this list. You can select the wide number of available ringtones, you can import songs from your music library, you can record and create ringtones. This app will also let you share the ringtones on your social handles like Twitter and Facebook. The app also allows other users to rate the ringtones that you created. The app features also include modifying of ringtones such as fading, varying pitch and flip the sound clips.

4. Ringtone Maker Free

This app lets you create free custom ringtones and alert tones from the music library of your phone. You just have to select the song, select the section of the graphical editor, apply sound effects, select fade out or fade in the feature. This app also offers in-app purchases that will add certain new features to the app.

5. Ringtone Maker

This app also allows you to create ringtones with your downloaded music. The tone can be up to 50 seconds long, you can apply flipping effects or another professional sounding effect. You’ll need an iPhone 4 or later to use this app for free and to follow certain criteria of the app compatibility.

6. Ringtone DJ 

This app lets you mix various music files into a single ringtone just like a DJ. The ringtone can be created and previewed on the same time. You can also opt out for in-app purchases that would help you to add certain effects like scratches, self-voice recordings, changes in pitch, etc. The effects are added very neatly though. The ringtones formed are of very high quality. The only negative thing about this app is its appearance and difficulty to navigate within the app.

7. Ringtone Designer 

This app has the only downside that it will not let you create a ringtone this is longer than 30 seconds. This app is however, totally free to use. You have the freedom to create unlimited ringtones and you can create the separate ringtone for each of your contacts. This app also has a paid pro version which is available to purchase on the App Store. The pro version also features some of the amazing features such as effects and noises can be added or removed. The advertisements are also removed and does not appear in the paid pro version of this app.

8. Ringtone Converter 

This app too does not have any in-app purchases and it is considered a great choice to create unlimited free ringtones from your existing music library and also have the possibility to select from the collection that is present in the app. The interface is quite average but this app is definitely worth a try.

9. Ringtones 500000+ 

This app has two settings to create and form your custom ringtones – it lets you create you own from your existing albums and playlists, or you can download the already made available in the app. As the name says, you can certainly expect to find over 500,000 ringtones and alert tones. The several categories include comedy, hip hop, animals & pets, etc. The app also lets you import audio from music library, voice memos and also apply morphing effects on voice. This app also has in-app purchase option which will let you remove the ads and pop-ups that appear in the app completely.

10. Create Ringtone 

This app features custom tones, but it also includes some nifty features that are available right inside the app. You are also able to create a unique recording memo of yourself by using the in-app recording feature which you can also share with your friends or family. The app lets you share the ringtones that you created over facebook and email. There are certain in-app purchases also available to make ringtones up to 45 seconds long. This is the only downside of this app though.

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