10 Best Emoji Keyboard Sites & Apps to use in 2017

Emoji Keyboards are the typing console where we as a user use different character images to express our emotions on social media or while on phone on messaging app Whatsapp. Emoji can be used a colorful and perhaps whimsical shapes, even animated or as a black and white text. Apple has first embedded this emoji keyboard on iPhone after being famous in Japan.

What is an Emoji?

Emoji are the symbols or a character image used to express some emotions on Social media or in chat on WhatsApp. They are the ideograms and smileys used in online messages and on different sites. In 2017, emoji has become a revolution in chatting online, everyone uses an emoticon at least once while texting. They are first used on Apple iPhone and then become the online trend worldwide in social media. 

emoji keyboard

After the revolution of touchscreen keyboards, developers took full advantage of them. These developers developed online emoji keyboards sites to help us portray our emotions. These emojis include facial expressions, faces of animals, buildings, memes etc. Keyboard Emoticons help us convey our emotions on social sites such as Facebook with ease.

Customization has been one of the reasons for the popularity of Android. Customization encouraged developers to develop tons of emoji keyboards. These developers worked hard to build emoji keyboard apps and sites but they left us with a question “Which emoji keyboard is the best?” We enlisted 10 best emoji keyboard sites to save your time.

Best Emoji Keyboard Sites

Emoji Keyboard

This site is one of the largest emoji sites which allow users to type various emojis. When you browse the site, you’ll notice a bunch of emoji icons in front of you. Once you hover over them, a black bubble appears which gives information about that particular emoji. You are just one click away from using any emoji of your choice. When you click an emoji, your computer will automatically copy the emoji. Now you can copy-paste it anywhere.


Unlike emojikeyboard.org, you can copy more multiple emojis at a time along with the text. There is a box present at the top of the websites and emoji icons are placed below the box. Whenever you click on any emoji icon, emoji will appear in the box. You can enter text in the box and add emojis in between text. You can copy the content in the box and paste it anywhere on any social media site.


getemoji has a large variety of keyboard emoticons which are compatible with all kinds of computers and mobiles. You have to click on any emoji of your desire and it will be automatically copied to your computer. You can paste it anywhere. Also, you can search for any emoji of your choice in the search box provided at top of the website.

Copy and paste emoji

copyandpasteemoji.com states that they have every kind of emoji which a social buff usually needs when he is using social media sites. Also, emojis are separated into categories for the ease of people who are using copyandpasteemoji.com. A user can simply click on any emoji for copying it. Once the emoji has been copied, you can paste it anywhere on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites.


emojicopy.com has a large database of emojis. When you’ll browse the website, you will notice that a box is present at the top. Keyboard emoticons are present below the box. You can combine text with emoji is the box. Once you type the text, you can simply click on any emoji which is placed below the text box. After clicking, the emoji will appear in the text box. You can copy the content and paste it anywhere on any social media site.

Emoji Keyboard Apps

If you are looking for emoji keyboard applications instead of sites, then these five apps mentioned below are the real deal:

Fleksy Keyboard

It is the most efficient keyboard applications. Fleksy keyboard is not just a keyboard which you use for the daily purpose. Along with emojis, it offers plenty of cool plug-ins. If emojis were not enough for you to convey your emotions, Fleksy keyboard has GIF support which lets you share GIF as well. To sum it up, Fleksy Keyboard is a complete package.

Kk Emoji Keyboard

It is one of the simplest keyboards yet filled with a bunch of features which may help you out. Although the interface looks simple, features it offers has helped it become one of the best-rated keyboards on Google Play Store. You can use Kika Emoji Keyboard to share emojis, GIF, Stickers etc for free with one just one click. It also as autocorrects and prediction feature along with tons of themes for customization.

Google Keyboard

It is based on the material design making it one of the simplest looking keyboards in the list. This elegant keyboard is boxed in with tons of features like text-to-speech output, gesture typing etc. You can download Google Play Store with ease on Google Play Store. It has one of the most highly rated keyboards with no in-app purchase, it’s free!

Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard takes the legacy of keyboards to the next level. No doubts on how much awesome this keyboard is, the plug-ins offers by Swiftkey Keyboard are even more impressive. The emoji plug-in of Swiftkey Keyboard is smart enough to realize when the user wants to use an emoji. It suggests you emojis with accordance to your text. For example: When you type LOL, Swiftkey Keyboard will suggest you the laugh emoji. This feature is time-saving as well as smooth. Download Here

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is one of the most reliable keyboards available on Google Play Store. Features such as voice-to-text input, support for tons of languages, word correction and word prediction offer icing to the cake. There are various emojis stuffed in GO Keyboard, the number is humongous. You can use GO Keyboard instead of stock keyboard any day because of these awesome features and tons of emojis backing up its appeal.

The Conclusion

All the keyboards mentioned in the list have a variety of emojis which can help you in conveying your emotions. Keyboard sites and Keyboard apps mentioned in the list are high rated and are used by people all around the world. These ten options combine together to complete the list of ‘10 Best emoji keyboard for android to use in 2017.’

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